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From: Monroe County Road Commission

As October 1, 2019, the Monroe County Road Commission (MCRC) will no longer be responsible for maintaining or performing work on the state designated highways such as I-75, I-275, US-23, M-50, M-125, Old US 223 and US-24 located within Monroe County, Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has awarded a contract work for their state trunklines to a company called FERROVIAL. As of October 1, 2019 FERROVIAL will be responsible for all types of work on state roadways, including pothole patching, guardrail installation and repair, mowing, snow/ice control, etc.

The MCRC Board took action in August, 2018 to notify MDOT with a one-year notice to end the contract to service state trunklines. This decision was done after a detailed, two-year analysis reviewing time, resources, finances and effort needed to work on state trunklines that ultimately takes away from the citizens of Monroe County. By removing the focus on state trunklines, the MCRC can better serve Monroe County residents and the motoring public. By not assigning the majority of our trucks to work on state trunklines during snow and ice events, the MCRC will be able to provide quicker service to clear primary, local, subdivision and gravel roads.

Over the last year, the MCRC has worked in concert with MDOT for a smooth transition of the state trunklines to a new vendor. We trust the citizens and residents of Monroe County will see improved service with this new direction.