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"The Monroe County Road Commission vows to provide quality, courteous and dependable professional services through innovative, cost-effective ways to maintain our road system through transparency, trust and collaboration between citizens, business and government."

Division Descriptions


Executive Division

The Executive Division consists of two (2) employees – the Managing Director and the Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk to the Board. The primary function of the Executive Division is to assist and facilitate in every way legally allowable the front line staff and workforce in their efforts to provide service to the citizens of Monroe County.


The Managing Director is appointed by the Five-member Board of County Road Commissioners and reports to the Board, which is led by its Chairman.  The Managing Director also has regular contact with the Road Commission’s legal counsel, Phillip Costello.


Under the leadership of the Managing Director, The Road Commission strives to transact County business in a professional manner.  The Managing Director manages and directs the overall operations of the Monroe County Road Commission in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines mandated to first and foremost, protect the interests of the Road Commission, which is a special purpose local unit of government on behalf of all the citizens of Monroe County, Michigan, and to facilitate the orderly and safe functioning of their operations.


The Managing Director serves as a leader and positive role model for all MCRC employees by making clear judgments relative to the dictates of the laws, rules and procedures by which the Monroe County Road Commission operates.


Administrative Division

The primary responsibility of the administrative services division is to provide ongoing support for the Road Commission’s other divisions.  The work of this division is generally internal, continuous and process-oriented, rather than project-oriented;  to provide funding and to account for the necessary means for road operations and to complete projects:  personnel, materials and equipment.



There are four departments with the Administrative Division:  purchasing, human resources, finance and accounting, and customer service (receptionist).


The Purchasing Department is responsible to procure and distribute supplies and materials at the best possible cost and quality for the various service districts and departments of the Road Commission.  This ranges from office supplies to parts for vehicles and heavy equipment, as well as contractual services for building and yard repairs.  Additionally, the Monroe garage’s fueling system and inventories are managed by the Purchasing Department.


The Finance and Accounting Department processes over 11,200 initial transactions, as well as the necessary journal entries, reconciliations and production of monthly and annual reports.  The department is also responsible for tracking the value of the Road Commission’s various fixed assets and inventory.

Financial reporting for Michigan Road Commissions is unique, due to the requirements mandated under Act 51.  The introduction of performance auditing and a new accounting manual by the Michigan Department of Treasury, and new reporting requirement under the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) statement #34, will increase this department’s workload in the foreseeable future. 


The Human Resources Department coordinates benefits, organizes the hiring process, assists in the collective bargaining agreement negotiations, directs the substance abuse testing program, counsels employees, assists active employees and retirees with benefits questions and problems, handles freedom of information requests and coordinates interviews.  This department also schedules seasonal employees to the administrative services division and the engineering division.


The Customer Service Department


Engineering Division

The County Highway Engineer manages the Engineering Division. The support staff includes an Assistant County Highway Engineer, a Traffic Engineer, a Surveyor, an Engineering Information Specialist and Engineering Assistants. Some of the main responsibilities of the Engineering Division are as follows:


  • Securing federal and state funding for specific projects;.
  • Regulating the use of the public right of way;
  • Planning, designing, constructing, and inspecting major roadway drainage;
  • Construction project management of MCRC projects as well as contracted road projects;
  • Regulating the location of all driveways and public utilities to promote the safe and efficient use of the right of way;.
  • Establishing weight restrictions in order to balance the need between preserving the public infrastructure and meeting the needs of a diverse economy to allow for travel of commercial vehicles;.
  • Bridge and culvert improvement and maintenance projects;
  • Plan review and inspection for all development in Monroe County including all new subdivisions and/or modifications to existing roads for commercial developments;
  • Studying and investigating traffic and safety concerns resulting in the design and installation of traffic signals, traffic signs, geometric improvements and pavement markings;
  • Collaborating with the Michigan Department of Transportation as well as various railroad companies to install, improve and upgrade warning devices at railroad crossings.

Maintenance Division

The Superintendent of Maintenance oversees the Maintenance Division. The support staff includes Superintendent of Maintenance, Maintenance Division Project Supervisor, five District Supervisors, and the maintenance workforce. This Division is responsible for the following:
  • Performs routine maintenance on nearly 1300 miles of  primary and local roads.
  • Repairs guardrail, and bridge decks.
  • Repair and install frontage tile, storm sewer tile, cross tile, and culverts
  • Pot hole patching, stoning, shoulder maintenance, grading, roadside cleanup on primary and local roads, roadside mowing, snow/ice removal
  • Ditching and maintaining roadside drainage.
  • Repairs and maintains the MCRC fleet.
  • Installs traffic signs, signals and pavement markings.
  • Seal coating, zone patching/wedging, paving, and road base repairs


The Maintenance Division is divided into the East District and the West District. The East District maintains an office in the Monroe yard, and the West District maintains an office at the Ida West facility. If you have any needs in the areas managed by the Maintenance Division please call 734-240-5102 and make a Service Request to the Customer Service Desk.