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"The Monroe County Road Commission vows to provide quality, courteous and dependable professional services through innovative, cost-effective ways to maintain our road system through transparency, trust and collaboration between citizens, business and government."


  • Monroe County Maps 
The Monroe County Road Commission has road maps.  These are available at the customer service desk during normal business hours for $2.00 per map.

The Monroe County Road Commission has put together a map showing various information regarding closed structures, weight restricted Roads and structures used in the trucking industry. 

The information shown on this map is subject to change by the Monroe County Road Commission. Certain portions of roads or structures may have restrictions other than provided on this map. These roads and structures will be physically posted at their appropriate location.

The restrictions, limitations and exceptions presented by this map do not relieve the truck operator's responsibility of complying with applicable State and Federal laws and local ordinances and permit requirements within the villages, cities, and townships of Monroe County.

  • Winter Maintenance Deployment map
The Monroe County Road Commission references these zone for determining truck/personnel assignments for snow plowing and salting of the road system.

  • Project maps

The Monroe County Road Commission has developed a new Project map using legacy data, this new map shows the 2015-2018 projects as well as a map showcasing the current years projects, both maps can be filtered by various categories, when clicking on a highlighted project a popup window appears with some of the project details, periodically, as new project are added or existing projects are updated we will refresh the maps.

Monroe County Road Commission Truck Operators Map