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Residential Permit Information

A permit is required from the MCRC Engineering Department for all work being conducted within the road right-of-way, whether being performed by a contractor or property owner. Such work may include, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Installing a New Residential Driveway
  • Upgrading an Residential Existing Driveway
  • Installing an Agricultural Driveway
  • Ditch Enclosure with Frontage Tile Installation
  • Repaving an Existing Driveway
  • Curb Cutting
  • Ditch Cleaning

Please visit our office to fill out a permit application form. Permit application forms are also available online by following the link below.

Permit applications must be dropped off with payment at the MCRC office, which is located at 840 S. Telegraph Rd, Monroe, Michigan 48161. When all requirements have been submitted the road commission will inspect the proposed work site(s) to determine how you should proceed. Work cannot begin on your project until the road commission has inspected the proposed work site(s) and issued the permit. Applicable fees are outlined in the MCRC Fee Schedule.

Still have questions? Call the Permits Department at 734-240-5132.