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Road Closures and Restrictions


Beginning Monday, February 19, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions will go into effect on Monroe County Road Commission jurisdiction roads pursuant to Public Act 300 of 1949 of the Michigan Vehicle Code.


During the time of Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions on seasonally restricted roads, also referred to Normal Loading roads, the maximum allowable legal axle loads per the Michigan Vehicle Code are reduced by 35 percent and the maximum wheel load shall not exceed 450 pounds per inch of tire width. For vehicles over 10,000 pounds operated on seasonally restricted roads the maximum allowable vehicle speed shall be 35 mph for all roads with posted or prima facie speeds greater than 35 mph.


Travel on roads designated as All Season routes are not subject the reduced weight and speed limit requirements. When Seasonal Weight Restrictions are in effect no transportation permits will be issued for overweight vehicles on All Season routes.


When Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions are in effect only special seasonal transportation permits will be issued, per the Michigan Vehicle Code, for certain cases of agricultural, public utility , and emergency needs.


Most roads in Monroe County are seasonally restricted.


List of Seasonally Restricted Roads

List of All Season Roads

Additional Information:

Michigan Department of Transportation Weight Restriction Bulletins

County Road Association Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Why Michigan Needs Spring Weight Restrictions

The Monroe County Road Commission has put together a map showing various information regarding closed structures, weight restricted Roads and structures used in the trucking industry.

The information shown on this map is subject to change by the Monroe County Road Commission. Certain portions of roads or structures may have restrictions other than provided on this map. These roads and structures will be physically posted at their appropriate location.

The restrictions, limitations and exceptions presented by this map do not relieve the truck operator's responsibility of complying with applicable State and Federal laws and local ordinances and permit requirements within the villages, cities, and townships of Monroe County.

  • National Truck Network in Monroe County, Michigan

The Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, issued regulation 23 CFR 658.19 requiring states to allow reasonable truck access within one (1) mile of the National Truck Network, the Monroe County Road Commission intends to protect, maintain and improve roads in the County of Monroe, Michigan and has developed a truck operators map to accommodate commercial traffic along County roads, to be enforced by township truck route ordinances. A resolution was passed in order to accomplish this and can be found here.

Miscellaneous Closures

The Monroe County Road Commission will be closing Minx Road at the Nitting Drain due to the failure of the culvert under the road. This closure is located between Lulu Road and Hubbard Road. The culvert is approximately 1/4 mile south of Hubbard Road and 1/2 mile north of Lulu Road.

The closure will be put in place on Wednesday, March 13, 2018.

The road will remain closed for the foreseeable future until such time that the drain crossing can be; surveyed, a new culvert sized, permitted, financed, and replaced.

Due to the local nature of the traffic a detour will not be signed.

Martinsville Road
The Monroe County Road Commission will be performing crosstile work on Martinsville Road between Fay Road and Colf Road, weather permitting. The road will be closed on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. A detour is not required due to low traffic volumes. Local residents will be able to access their properties.