Winter SOP & Safety Tips

Check out the Monroe County Road Commission Snow and Ice Control Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (PDF) updated November 19, 2019

The Monroe County Road Commission references these zone for determining truck/personnel assignments for snow plowing and salting of the road system.

Winter Safety Tips

For Motorists

  • Always wear your seatbelt and allow extra time to reach your destination.
  • Do your best to minimize distractions so your focus is on driving.
  • Don't attempt to pass a snow plow vehicle while they plowing.
  • Never attempt to pass a snow plow on the right. Many plows are equipped with wings that weigh as much as a small compact car.
  • Plows can suddenly move sideways from hitting drifts or by cutting through packed snow.
  • Plow drivers have limited visibility and they cannot see directly behind their trucks.
  • Don't crowd the plow!!

For Property Owners

  • Don't plow snow across the road or shovel snow from your driveway onto shoulders or roadways.
  • Don't pile snow high near intersections or driveways obstructing others vision.
  • Park vehicles away from the road and follow local parking ordinances related to snow removal.
  • Keep rocks, timbers, fences, basketball hoops, garbage bins, reflectors, and other items away from the road
  • Keep areas around mailboxes clear in order to assist in safe mail delivery and to help prevent damage to mailboxes.
  • Maintaining the end of your driveway could decrease chances of getting plowed in, or having your mailbox damaged.
  • Keep sidewalks and pathways clear for pedestrians.

For Children

  • Never build snow forts, make tunnels, or play in ditches or snow banks by the road.
  • Stay away from the edge of the roadways as you wait for the school bus, get mail or watch the snow plow.
  • Stay away from the end of a driveway when a snow plow is approaching.
  • Keep sleds and toys away from the roadways at all times.

Remember, the plow driver cannot always see you.

Depositing Snow, Ice or Slush on Any Roadway or Highway

The Monroe County Road Commission would like to remind homeowners and those in the snow removal business of the Michigan State Law (1949 P.A. 300, as amended MCLA 257.677a) that prohibits depositing snow, ice or slush on any roadway or highway. This happens frequently when plow operators push snow across the road or along the shoulder adjacent to driveways. Compliance with the law provides a safer roadway for our community during inclement weather.

AAA Winter Driving Tips